React Native Messenger App

React Native Messenger App With Backend Based on Expo

A full messenger application with dialogs, statuses read/unread, push notifications and the ability to upload and send photos.



  • Infinite loading in dialogs

  • Infinite loading messages in conversation

  • Contact Sync

  • Search by username

  • Status message read/unread

  • Count unread messages

  • Real time messaging (Socket.IO)

  • Separate socket server with redis for scaling

  • Push Notification (with the ability to send notifications to different user devices)

  • Display Local Notification

  • Upload user picture (AWS S3)

  • Send photo (upload to AWS S3)

  • Photo viewer with zoom

  • Saving to database of photo previews

  • Cache photos

  • Translations (i18n)

  • Change user information

  • Change password

  • Delete dialogs

  • Sign In

  • Sign Up

  • Support Android

  • Support iPhone X

  • It is possible to send messages to yourself